Student Speaker Series (#1) – IADB’s Rethinking Productive Development (2014)

Today we had the first event of GROWTH at UChicago, with the Student Speaker Series.

Our first Student Speaker was Santiago Matallana, 2nd year MPP student, and a Colombian Economist. Santiago presented the latest flagship publication of the Inter-American Development Bank: Rethinking Productive Development.

See the presentation here.


Angus Deaton wins Nobel prize in economics | Business | The Guardian

Angus Deaton is the 2015 winner of the Nobel prize in economics. The Scottish-born economist is best known for his work on health, wellbeing, and economic development.

Source: Angus Deaton wins Nobel prize in economics | Business | The Guardian

Economists vs. Economics by Dani Rodrik – Project Syndicate

“(…) understanding requires simplification. The best way to respond to the complexity of social life is not to devise ever-more elaborate models, but to learn how different causal mechanisms work, one at a time, and then figure out which ones are most relevant in a particular setting.
Let us cherish economics in all its diversity – rational and behavioral, Keynesian and Classical, first-best and second-best, orthodox and heterodox – and devote our energy to becoming wiser at picking which framework to apply when.”

Source: Economists vs. Economics by Dani Rodrik – Project Syndicate



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In GROWTH, we believe that private agents in the market drive value creation and economic growth. We seek to raise awareness of the importance of public policies for wealth creation, private sector development, productivity and competitiveness. We also study ways to make public policy better support these outcomes.

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